Green Tea

main1                    The healthiest drink on the planet earth, known as Green Tea. The most consumed drink on the planet is tea after water, 78 percent of people drinks black tea on every day, and only 20 percent of people consume green tea.

Generally, the green tea is actualised by China, But the production of green tea is spread in other countries of Asia.

Green tea contains Bio-active compounds which is good for health and it is the source of large amount of important nutrients. It contains high level of polyphenols and it is helpful to kill cancerous cells and stops them from growing.

Benefits of Green Tea :

  • Prevention of cancer : The polyphenols which is present in the green tea, is able to decrease the tumor growth, the National Cancer Institute proved this in laboratory. In countries where the healthy beverage consumption is high, percentage of cancer goes down.

According to some studies Green tea positive on following types of cancer.

  1. bladder.
  2. breast.
  3. lungs.
  4. skin.
  5. stomach.
  6. skin.



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